Practical Design of Experiments

Practical Design of Experiments

The tools and technique used in the Design of Experiments (DOE) have been used around the world to solve seemingly impossible problems in science and engineering.

The majority of engineers and scientists have had little exposure to this important technique and this book has been written with Colin’s 30 years experience in practical design of experiments aimed squarely at practising engineers and scientists rather than statisticians and mathematicians.

Practical Design of Experiments takes a graphical approach using a software tool called Minitab.

Colin concentrates on each step of using the technique with explanations along the way of each decision point.

Readers will find this guide both practical and useful, with copious screenshots of the software in use and clear precise explanations.
The emphasis is on quantifying the effects of a number of variables before optimising them.

Key points:

* Provides tools and techniques for practical business and process improvement.

* Introduces screenshots and explanations for each step of designing an experiment, carrying out an experiment and then analysing the results.

* A worked example, again explained step by step with advice from the author at each step.

This book will be extremely useful to engineers and scientists who want to solve quality, process and manufacturing problems quickly and easily.