“They Produced the Desired Results………Also Had a Profound Impact on Culture”

From Russ Brown, 

President, HKX, Inc., Seattle, Washington, USA 

(The industry’s leading provider of auxiliary hydraulic kits for excavators)

Our work with Colin Hardwick of Hardwick Consultants Ltd. aimed to reduce our Customer Complaint ratios by 50% over a nine month time frame. Every functional department in the company has an impact on customer satisfaction so existing processes had to be examined in detail to determine the root cause of customer complaints. Future performance objectives were developed and Improvement Teams were formed and trained in structured improvement tools and techniques.

Not only did Hardwick Consultants help us to achieve our goals, but they also assisted in improvements to our Sales and Engineering processes which has resulted in enhanced customer satisfaction and profitability improvement for our company.

What we most appreciated about working with Colin and Hardwick Consultants was the fact that they produced the desired results but also had a profound impact on the culture at our company”